Outpost Security Suite Pro

Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008

A multi-layered security solution that protects against all Internet-borne threats
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Agnitum, Ltd.

Outpost Security Suite Pro is a robust Internet security solution that proactively protects SOHO users against a broad range of current and future threats ranging from malware to hackers to identity compromise.
The program features an award-winning firewall, fast and reliable antimalware, a unique Host Protection module, a web and transaction security tool, and a self-learning antispam engine for complete protection on the Internet.
At the heart of the Suite, the industry-leading bidirectional firewall guards users' network access, keeping them safe from inappropriate or malicious connections, loss of private data and remote intrusions.
The powerful and efficient antimalware scanner that incorporates dedicated antivirus and antispyware engines will defend users against any possible type of infection: viruses, worms, sophisticated botware and other destructive malware.
The Host Protection module takes a new approach to combating malware: it pre-empts the infection by examining the behavior of a monitored object, proactively blocking it from performing any unauthorized activity. This type of defense-in-advance helps to halt unknown malware before it can activate its destructive payload and renders traditional signature scanners largely unnecessary.
To keep the inbox clean of junk email, the Suite

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